“a hallucinogenic and transient experience
where practice and exhibition are in constant flux”


In February 2022 -- the Locker Room, a New York City underground art collective hosted its annual artist residency by granting ten women artists free rein to pursue their dream projects including film director Winnie Cheung. The native New Yorker used this opportunity to produce her first feature-length film — a haunting metafictional tale about female artists pushed beyond their limits at a cursed artist residency. 

Tapping into the ethos of DIY punk cinema, Winnie called upon the gallery to double as the set and the residents as performers. Winnie documented the experience of the month-long residency while simultaneously crafting deadly scenes in secrecy. One by one, each artist disappears until the “final girl” confronts the darkness that haunts the gallery.  Of course, the final girl is the director herself.  She is her own worst nightmare.
The gallery is real. The artists are real. The residency is real. The passion is real. The story may or may not be real.

is produced by The Locker Room, a femme-owned creative house that comprises an art collective, a recording studio, and a gallery based in Brooklyn, New York.

“...resurrects the collective spirit that once defined New York City’s artistic ecosystem, yet the zombified venture spirals into derangement