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Is it a documentary about making a horror film? Or a horror film about making a documentary? Artist & Filmmaker Winnie Cheung crafts a haunting metafictional tale about women artists pushed beyond their limits.

Celebrating the spirit of DIY punk filmmaking while wielding the chaos manfinested through situationist exploration, RESIDENCY has traveled to art spaces, film festivals, educational workshops and cultural insitutions in THE NETHERLANDS, RUSSIA, CANADA, PORTUGAL, ITALY, AUSTRALIA and beyond. In fact, we’ll come to your living room if the wind blows hard enough.

This site documents RESIDENCY as an ongoing transient experience where practice and exhibition are in constant flux.

RESIDENCY is produced by
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15 FEB 2023
Five Things We Learned About
Festival Strategy and Film Distribution at IFFR

We did the impossible. We made a feature film. When our docu-horror Residency was accepted into the International Film Festival Rotterdam, we learned that we needed yet another miracle—we needed a sales rep to get our film in front of the right audiences. It used to be that getting selected by a festival like IFFR meant automatically getting acquired by a sales rep, but those days are long gone. 

On a predictably gray day during the festival, Residency director Winnie Cheung sat on a panel to speak about this very issue: the drastically changing landscape of indie distribution. Moderating the panel was Marika Kozlovska (sales consultant at Komarika). Other speakers included were Wouter Jansen (sales and & acquisitions at Square Eyes Film), Lidia Damatto (managing partner at film agency More Than Film), Kathleen McInnis (Producer/PR Strategist with See Through Films) and María Vera (festival distributor and sales agent at Kino Rebelde). READ MORE HERE.

Samara Bliss, Winnie Cheung and Dan Rosato at the Residency World Premiere at IFFR (photo credit: Vera Cornel).